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People of Interest

Rafe Champion’s CR Scholars

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  4. Andrew Crawshaw says:

    Has anyone heard of Chi-ming lam. he/she has done a book on Childhood, which seems to be influenced by Karl Popper. There also seems to be a thesis floating around on the internet which talks about comprehensively critical rationalism.

    There is an amazon link here:

  5. Rafe says:

    Thanks Andrew, a good call, looks very interesting!

    On CCR, there has been a rather obscure organization with literature citing CCR for years but it does not seem to have any academic profile (this is separate from the usual Popperian suspects).

  6. Andrew Crawshaw says:

    I found this while looking for the impact of critical rationalism on educational practice.

    Has anyone read it?

    Amazon summary:

    “Learning, Teaching and Education Research in the 21st Century draws on Karl Popper’s evolutionary epistemology and challenges widespread assumptions about learning, teaching and research that are embedded in the practices of many teachers and in the design of most education institutions worldwide. Joanna Swann argues that to promote the growth of learning we need to encourage children and adolescents to exercise and develop creativity and criticality, and that we need to provide and maintain environments in which they can safely engage in self-initiated and self-directed exploratory activity. In accessible and engaging language, the author presents philosophical arguments that support the defence and development of non-authoritarian approaches to learning and teaching that can be used by individuals and groups working in or outside state-funded schools. In particular, she provides tried-and-tested guidelines for student-initiated curricula and a problem-based methodology for professional development and action research.”

  7. jonas lipski says:

    Hans Albert sure is another person of interest

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