CR Scholar 5: Karl Popper

This award is designed to encourage the living rather than remember the dead and forgotten but a nice little paper by Karl Popper came to mind while I was writing about Grayling’s views on science.

Karl Popper was a little-known Austrian-born cabinet  maker, school teacher and moralist who dabbled in the philosophy of science and was published and promoted by the Vienna Circle of logical positivists (though he is often regarded as a critic of their doctrines). With this encouragement he embarked on a mission of teaching and healing which took him to Britain and further afield to New Zealand under the patronage of influential British inductivists and pipe-smokers. 

Not interested in cricket and football he was unsuitable for tenure in the Antipodes and after making some approaches to Australian universities he had to go back to England where  he lived in the country and continued his mission with flying visits to the London School of Economics.

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2 Responses to CR Scholar 5: Karl Popper

  1. Lee Kelly says:

    Wasn’t Karl Popper a logical positivist?

  2. Rafe says:

    yes, he was a logician and an optimist!

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