CR Scholar 6: Peter Klein

The trigger for this award is a new course on Austrian economics that Peter has designed for PhD students. Peter Boettke has given this a big rap.

His latest book is a collection of essays on entrepreneurship and this Wik entry lists previous publications and other information.

Peter blogs on Organizations and Markets, a highly rated site both in terms of popularity and quality.

He is based at the Uni of Missouri and this is his cv and full list of publications.

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3 Responses to CR Scholar 6: Peter Klein

  1. Lee Kelly says:

    Is Peter Klein a critical rationalist? I hadn’t thought so. What would Klein feel about being included as one of your CR scholars? Embarrassed or flattered?

  2. Lee, you know what they say, the only bad publicity is an obituary, so of course I’m flattered. (I haven’t described myself explicitly using the language of CR, but I’m willing to learn!)

  3. Rafe says:

    Many people are probably critical rationalists without realising it, like the celebrated M Jourdaine who was excited to find in middle age that he had been speaking prose all his life.

    Somewhere in cyberspace, probably on the Mises site there is an interview with Pete which I wanted to link but was too lazy to find. He was asked whether he found it tough being an Austrian in the mainstream, first as a student and later as a researcher, to which he replied along the lines that you dont need to be aggressive about it, you just need to focus on the problems and there are plenty of people in the mainstream who do the same.

    Unlike justificationism in general and inductivism in particular, the baggage of CR is minimal, just care about problems and pursue them with imagination and criticism, look for positions or choices that you regard as critical preferences rather than justified beliefs.

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