CR Scholar 3: Jack Birner

Jack Birner, né en 1951, a étudié les affaires commerciales et administratives internationales à Nijenrode-Breukelen, aux Pays-Bas. Puis, il s’est orienté vers l’économie et la philosophie à l’université d’État du Michigan (BA en 1972). Il a commencé des études de philosophie à l’université d’Utrecht et des études d’économie, de logique et de philosophie des sciences à l’université Erasmus en 1982. Il a obtenu son doctorat d’économie à l’université d’Amsterdam en 1990.

The third recipient of  this prestigious recognition is a prodigious scholar and one of the people who are equally at home in philosophy and economics with a special line on the comparison and contrast of Popper and Hayek on evolution and the philosophy of mind. It would be tedious to list all his interests, in short, they are all interesting, including wine-making. Though I have some reservations about the time he spent on the Cambridge capital controversy. For access to publications on line and a bibliography.

Pardon my French. I am learning the language so I can read the complete works of Durkheim and give an adequate reply to some crit of Parsons and Durkheim and finish my paper on the convergence of Parsons, Mises and Popper.

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