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How to Win a Debate

I’ve been reading Teachers Without Goals: Students Without Purposes by Henry J. Perkinson. I cannot recommend this book enough. The book totally embraces Karl Popper’s ideas as far as learning, and moreover, also embraces the concept of evolutionary epistemology. I … Continue reading

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Popper on Schools and Universities

It has been said, only too truly, that Plato was the inventor of both our secondary schools and our universities. I do not know a better argument for the optimistic view of mankind than the fact that this devastating system of education has not utterly ruined them. Continue reading

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Popper on epistemological naturalism

This is a quote from Popper in Logic of Scientific Discovery, Section 10: This view, according to which methodology is an empirical science in its turn—a study of the actual behaviour of scientists, or of the actual procedure of ‘science’—may be described … Continue reading

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E. H. Gombrich on perception

Even our natural view of the world is theoretical … From Art and Illusion by E. H. Gombrich: Just as a tune remains the same whatever the key it is played in, so we respond to light intervals, to what … Continue reading

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