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Lee Kelly is a contributor to the critical rationalism blog.

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  1. saad malook says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I have interest in Popper. I will study Open Universe and share my comments. Are you teaching philosophy, if yes, in which institution, University?
    Thanking you.
    With Regards
    Saad Malook

  2. Lee Kelly says:


    Sorry, but I am not a teacher of anything. I don’t even have a copy of The open Universe to work from, though I read most of it a few years back. I am just an amateur. If you’re interested in Popper and critical rationalism, then I suggest you check the “Resources” link at the top of the page. Of course, feel free to contribute to discussions on this blog and share any thoughts.

  3. JL says:

    I’ve seen you around at economics blogs/forums. I am interested in your perspective especially on monetary matters – can you recommend resources which best reflects your views? I’m not well-grounded on monetary basics, I’d like to be able to digest your views better. Thanks.

  4. Lee Kelly says:

    Hi JL,

    I am no more a professional of economics than I am of philosophy. These are just preoccupations of mine. A lot of my economics is actually informed by my philosophy. Anyway, here are a couple of books you might be interested in:

    “The Theory of Free Banking: Money Supply Under Competitive Note Issue” by George Selgin.

    “The Fluttering Veil: Essays on Monetary Disequilibrium” by Leland Yeager

    Good blogs include:

    Monetary Freedom
    Macro & Other Market Musings
    The Money Illusion
    Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

    Does this help? If you haven’t already, you might also look into:

    “The Open Society and Its Enemies” by Karl Popper
    “The Fatal Conceit” by F. A. Hayek

    And for a theory of everything that roughly aligns with mine, check out “The Beginning of Infinity” by David Deutsch.

    If you do come to understand my views, then you’ll be doing better than me. I may even ask you to explain my views to me — there are always so many unsolved problems and open questions.

  5. JL says:

    Thanks, Lee Kelly! Much appreciated – will delve into them.

  6. Andrew Crawshaw says:

    I would like to see a few well-balanced criticisms of the Beginning of Infinity, because I agree with most of what he says, and I would like some contedi, but all I can find are on the amazon webpage, do you know anyone in any of the fields he talks about that have engaged with it?

    probably the only thing I disagree with is his criticism of a very weak version of the Spaceship Earth theory, and doesn’t cite whose version it is; I think it fails to address Buckminster Fuller’s version of it, either because he does not know of the version or because he is attacking the popular notion of it, that has been put through the new age mangle, or both.

  7. Andrew Crawshaw says:

    Hmm, sorry about my half-formed sentence; I meant to say “and I would like to see some contending views”.

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