Popper on-line

Popper’s works on-line

  • 3 great selections Problem of Induction, Knowledge without Authority, and Two Kinds of Definitions.
  • A realist View of Logic, Physics, and History (1966)
  • Language and The Body-Mind Problem (1953)
  • Popper on Kantian Concept of War on War
  • How the Moon might throw some of her Light upon the two Ways of Parmenides
  • An exchange of letters between Popper and Dr. Szasz.
  • Letter from Karl Popper to Dr. Kelly Ross
  • Karl Popper’s Prague Lecture
  • References to basic statements in the Logic of Scientific Discovery
  • Popper’s comments on Education
  • Download: Three Worlds (1978)
  • To listen to Karl Popper’s BBC lectures click here. Highly recommended!

    On-line articles about Popper

  • The Purpose of Popper: Overview of Popper’s views and their importance by Rafe Champion.
  • Sir Karl Popper: Brief biography and outline of ideas by Kelly Ross.
  • Sir Karl Raimund Popper: In Memoriam: By Eugene Yue-Ching Ho and Pui-Chong Lund.
  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Karl Popper: Written by by I.C. Jarvie.
  • Karl Raimund Popper: Long, detailed article by John Watkins.
  • Remembering Karl Popper: Biography about Popper from the Hoover Digest.
  • Karl Popper: Brief biography by Hans-Joachim Niemann.
  • Sir Karl Popper (1902-1904): Blupete bio on Popper.
  • Philosophy Pages Dictionary: Karl Popper
  • Karl Popper: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry by Stephen Thornton.
  • Notebooks: Karl Popper

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