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US Arts Funding: luck and cunning!

Not new but illuminating, a study of public policy relating  to arts funding, by a really interesting person, Tyler Cowen. His site. The book, Good and Plenty: The Creative Success of American Arts Funding. Princeton Uni, 2006. Good research and scholarship can … Continue reading

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Ian Jarvie festschrift paper: Popper’s Institutional Turn

Actually I prefer to talk about the institutional theme rather than a turn, as explained in the paper. This has been sent to the editors of the collection to meet the mid-year deadline but it may not be too late to make changes … Continue reading

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Hamming and Mills on research and scholarship

Richard Hamming and C. Wright Mills each made helpful contributions on the strategy and the craft of research, scholarship and writing. Hamming conveyed the results of his experience and research in a long talk which can also be found in … Continue reading

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On the road in the Middle Kingdom

This is a report on my visit to China with my friend Amy to broaden my  mind,  to meet her family in Beijing and to visit the village where she spent 8 years as a peasant in the Cultural Revolution. … Continue reading

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Hayek in Australia 1976

Between 3 October and 6 November 1976, F.A. Hayek spent five busy weeks in Australia with more than 60 appointments, seminars, informal meetings and formal presentations (Appendix 1). He and his wife travelled almost the full length of the east … Continue reading

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A tribute to Ian C Jarvie

Following the Agassi collection which is anticipated in May, some friends of  Joe and his colleague Ian Jarvie are compiling a collection for Ian. My contribution will explore the implications and application of the social turn which Jarvie identified in Popper’s … Continue reading

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‘Brexit’ and the Political Ideals of the Open Society

Rod Thomas Preface, acknowledgements, lament, dedication and disclaimer This paper was written in the months preceding the so-called ‘Brexit’ referendum to decide whether the United Kingdom ought to remain a member of the European Union. It uses starred (*) endnotes … Continue reading

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Summary of Popper’s lectures at the LSE

For many years Popper delivered a series of 15 lectures as an introduction to the philosophy of science. They were designed for undergraduates but many other people attended. While Popper was alive Mark Notturno started work on a reconstruction of … Continue reading

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Popper, Smith and Carl Menger’s economics

Karl Popper and Barry Smith on the Metaphysical Research Program of Austrian Realism and Carl Menger’s Economics. An unpublished paper delivered at a conference on Austrian thought at the University of Texas (Arlington) in 2013. I don’t expect everyone or indeed … Continue reading

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Tribute to Joe Agassi 90 in 2017

Joe Agassi, intellectual irritant This is a short form of a tribute to Joe Agassi, written for a collection to honour his 90th birthday in 2017. Authors were advised to go beyond Joe’s own contribution to pursue any avenues and … Continue reading

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