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Goodman’s grue emeralds and the “new riddle of induction”

The grue emerald problem surely ranks with the Gettier problem as a red herring of the first order, generated by the misguided quest for confirmation, like Hempel’s paradox of the ravens. The paradox of the ravens means that the existence of … Continue reading

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Alex Rosenberg, Philosophy of Science: a contemporary introduction, 2nd ed. 2005 reprinted in 2010

The first edition was published in 2000 in the Routledge Contemporary Introductions to Philosophy Series. Philosophy of Science: Contemporary Readings (eds Balashov and Rosenberg, 2004) is a companion anthology. After a chapter on scientific explanation and a chapter on the … Continue reading

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Peter Godfrey-Smith, 2003, Theory and Reality: an introduction to the philosophy of science

The author took his first degree in Sydney and is a Distinguished Professor in Philosophy in the Graduate Centre at the City University of New York. His   book Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection won the 2010 Lakatos award. This book is an … Continue reading

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Wedberg on positivism and logical empircism

The collection of misreadings of Popper will be supplemented by a some examples where Popper is not mentioned at all (where he should be). The Swede Anders Wedberg wrote three volumes on the history of philosophy with the third covering the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Shearmur on Popper and Hayek

Should be interesting, have not had time to read it yet, just want to share!

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Popper’s rules of the game of science

The role of institutions and conventions (rules of the game) The recognition of the social factor in science is often attributed to Kuhn and the sociologists of knowledge, however Jarvie in The Republic of Science (2001) identified what he called … Continue reading

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Kuhn’s misreading of Popper

Kuhn wrote an essay for the Schilpp volume on Popper which appeared in 1974 and it was published in Criticism and the Growth of Knowledge (eds Lakatos and Musgrave) which appeared earlier (in  1970) due to delays in production of the … Continue reading

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The New Popper Legend, updated

In the Schilpp volume Popper described the “Popper Legend”  that he was a positivist with a different take on the criterion of meaning.  In his reply to critics he listed numerous philosophers of the highest international esteem who contributed to the Legend and … Continue reading

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Good piece on critical thinking, very CR!

A nice piece! Seven Habits. 1. Judge judiciously 2. Question the questionable 3. Chase challenges 4. Ascertain alternatives 6. Take various viewpoints 7. Sideline the self  

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Popper on cosmology

An important paper by Helge Kragh, tipped off by David Miller! The paper examines the historical contexts of the interaction between cosmology and Popperian philosophy of science. Apart from covering Popper’s inspiration from Einstein and his views on questions of cosmology, … Continue reading

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