articles of interest

  • W. W. Bartley, III: Rationality versus the Theory of Rationality (1964) I strongly encourage people to read this article.
  • W. W. Bartley, III: Rationality, Criticism, and Logic (1982) An excellent critique and extension of Popper’s views.
  • Rafe Champion: Complete index of Champion’s articles on Karl Popper. Many great articles can be found here.
  • Rafe Champion: Complete index of Champion’s articles on W.W. Bartley. Many great articles can be found here, too.
  • Rafe Champion: Critique on David Stove’s “Anything Goes: Origins of the Cult of Scientific Irrationalism”
  • Rafe Champion: Review of F.A. Hayek’s “The Fatal Conceipt “
  • Rafe Champion: Review of Peter Munz’s “Our Knowledge of the Growth of Knowledge: Popper or Wittgenstein?”
  • Peter Munz: Popper’s Darwinism Ideas competing for survival.
  • J. C. Lester: A Sceptical Look at “A Skeptical Look at Karl Popper”
  • Jeremy Shearmur: Popper, Hayek, and Classical Liberalism Was Popper a liberal?
  • Jeremy Shearmur: Critical Rationalism and Critical Theory
  • I.C. Jarvie: Popper’s Republic of Science An interesting approach to understanding Popper.
  • David Miller: Being an Absolute Skeptic
  • David Miller: Is Scientific Knowledge an Inexhaustible Economic Resource
  • David Miller –> Download: Sokal and Bricmont: Back to the Frying Pan
  • David Miller –> Download: Induction: A Problem Solved Finishing off induction.
  • Kelly Ross: Foundations of Value, Part 1 Basic logic.
  • Kelly Ross: Criticism of Karl Popper in Anthony O’Hear’s An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • Kelly Ross: Criticism of Karl Popper in Martin Gardner’s Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries?
  • Kelly Ross: Review of the Great Devonian Controversy Popper or Kuhn?
  • Kelly Ross: Foundationalism and Hermeneutics Where deconstructionism gets it wrong . . .
  • Mark A. Notturno: Truth, Rationality, and The Situation Are all theories false?
  • Mariano Artigas: The Ethical Roots of Karl Popper’s Epistemology Beautifully written, discusses CR in relaton to ethics and Christianity
  • Mariano Artigas: Human Knowledge, Reliability and Fallibilism
  • Peter O’Hara: Morals and Ethics Cannot be derived from Facts
  • David T J Liley: Problems with the Framework of Logical Empiricism Induction versus falsificatioin
  • George Soros: A Failed Philosopher Tries Again
  • Joseph Agassi: To Save Verisimilitude
  • Joseph Agassi: The Heuristic Bent
  • John Watkins: Popperian Ideas on Progress and Rationality in Science
  • John Halliday: Popper and the Philosophy of Eductation
  • N. Cristiani: Evolution, Learning and Popper’s Epistemology
  • Mark H. Bickhard and Donald T. Campbell: Variations in Variation and Selection
  • Mark H. Bickhard with Donald T. Campbell: Emergence
  • Max More: Pancritical Rationalism
  • Muhammed Asadi: The Koran and Critical Rationalism Discusses Popper’s ideas in relation to the Koran.
  • Alan C. Nicoll: Critical Rationalism in Atheism Relates CR to atheism
  • Hans Albert On Rational Choice Theory
  • Malcolm McElhone Towards a New Professional Ethic: keeping the debate alive
  • Malcolm McElhone Criticism and education: towards a popperian perspective
  • Makoto Kogawara: A Fundamental Problem of Rationalism
  • Sander Rubin: Social Choice and Chance in an Open Society
  • Ray S. Percival: The Metaphysics of Scarcity: Popper’s World 3 and the Theory of Finite Resources
  • Barry McMullin: Adaptation Considered Harmful: Darwin’s Problem Revisited
  • Christoph von Mettenheim: Einstein, Popper and the Theory of Relativity
  • Peter Singer: Discovering Karl Popper
  • Evolutionary Epistemology
  • Agassi-Grunbaum Exchange on Popper and Psychoanalysis
  • Bertrand Russell on Induction
  • 3 Responses to articles of interest

    1. adagio says:

      Matt…I can’t find your article on Theories of Rationality, and the first two articles by Bartley don’t seem to be available.

    2. Matt says:

      My own articles/notes from the old CR site are here:

      I updated the specific links you mentioned, so that they should work now. I need to go over all of these links, so thank you for helping me get started!

    3. Great Blog! I’m providing the links to a couple of papers on Popper that I have published recently, I hope they will be on interest and would appreciate any critical feedback:
      “Neo-Positivist or Neo-Kantian? Karl Popper and the Vienna Circle”:

      “Logic and The Open Society : revising the place of Tarski’s theory of truth within Popper’s political philosophy”

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