Updating the Popper Guides and Misreading Popper

I am preparing to publish Misreading Popper and some other of my ebooks as print-on-demand paperbacks. This facility is available through a publishing associate of Amazon called CreateSpace.

There are still people out there who want books to hold in their hands and I want  to give them that opportunity at a price  that is not much more than the ebook

The reason for this notice is to ask people to let me know about (a) mistakes of all and any kind that you have noticed and (b) any kind of improvements that you think can be made. Please use my email address for this,  not the comments here. The email is rchampATbigpondDOTnetDOTau

The order of publication will probably be

Misreading Popper

Reason and Imagination

The five guides in one volume.

So please focus on those books if you can find the time to dip into some of them again (or even for the first time!).

The full set.


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