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Can someone recall the source of this Popperism?

I suggest that much confusion is due to the tendency of attributing to Science (with a capital S) a kind of omniscience and I suggest that this theological view of science ought to be replaced by a more humanistic view, by the realization that science is the work of ordinary humans, groping their way in the dark.



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  1. Dave Lull says:

    Hi Rafe,

    A Google Books search finds snippets of this quotation in a work that includes a reference that one can get at (it shows fully quoted, slightly differently from your version, in other sources, but without one’s being able to get at the cited references):

    Epistemologia – Volume 6 – Page 138 – Translate this page
    1983 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions
    Popper writes: “science is the work of ordinary humans, groping their way in the dark” (Popper [1950], p. 193) and “[…] the result – our knowledge of the world — owes as much to the resisting reality as to our self-produced ideas” (Popper …

    “Popper [1950]” turns out to be:

    K. R. Popper [1950], “Indeterminism in Quantum Physics and in Classical Physics, Part I and II, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 1 (1950), pp. 117-133; 173-195.


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