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Good piece on critical thinking, very CR!

A nice piece! Seven Habits. 1. Judge judiciously 2. Question the questionable 3. Chase challenges 4. Ascertain alternatives 6. Take various viewpoints 7. Sideline the self  

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Popper on cosmology

An important paper by Helge Kragh, tipped off by David Miller! The paper examines the historical contexts of the interaction between cosmology and Popperian philosophy of science. Apart from covering Popper’s inspiration from Einstein and his views on questions of cosmology, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts Triggered from Listening to Simon Blackburn on the Radio

After listening, rather uncomfortably, to Simon Blackburn Such a question as ” Can science explain everything?” would not even be asked if the demarcation between science and non-science was absorbed along the lines proposed by Sir Karl Popper. Simon … Continue reading

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