Misreading Popper

Misreading Popper is the next book on the production line.

Table of contents

Preface or Introduction

The turns and the standard errors introduced very briefly

Popper’s Progress   Appendix I of Readers (improved)

More on the turns Appendix II  of Readers (improved)

Initial reception and problems of positivism (Appendix III of Readers)

More on the standard errors with examples (Appendix IV)

More detailed critique of selected works, some high profile (Grayling, Stanford Encyclopedia), others high circulation (Chalmers)

Annotations on further works to convey a sense of the volume of  misrepresentation.

Final chapter: Conclusion/Going Forward: possible synergies with other lines of thought (especially Firestein and Kitcher).

Most of the writing is done apart from the final chapter, and some additions to the chapter on the turns to take account of other Popperians (see below).


1. To me more inclusive of other critical rationalists, showing how the likes of Miller and Bartley promoted the conjectural turn, Jarvie took up the objective turn (Concepts and Society), Jarvie and Shearmur took on the social turn, Agassi promoted the metaphysical turn, etc.

2. To show the possibility for collaboration with others such as Firestein on the conjectural turn (how ignorance drives knowledge) and Kitcher on the social turn.

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  1. Frank Lovell says:

    Excellent prospect, looking forward to it! This could be your most important work.

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