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Colin McGinn on Popper

Colin McGinn is a British-born philosopher now at the Uni of Miami. He has written many books and has some stature as a public intellectual who is capable of debating a wide range of issues. A decade  ago he wrote … Continue reading

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Hans Albert: Critical Rationalist Scholar No. 11

It is a great pleasure to announce that Hans Albert is the latest addition to the list of CR Scholars.  Albert, with the late Gerard Radnitzky, looked after the German branch of critical rationalism and conducted a long-running debate witih the Frankfurt School. He … Continue reading

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The Glass Bead Game

It is believed that Hermann Hesse began serious writing of what was to become “The Glass Bead Game” in 1931. It took Hesse until 1942 to complete it, during this time the world was eclipsed by the horrors of Fascism, … Continue reading

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