More helpers of Popper

Some more research assistants who worked with Karl Popper have turned up. Given the passage of time there is some uncertainty about the periods of service, for example the logician Lejewski is a possibility from an early period. Other names in the frame are Tyrone Lai,  Bernard Burgoyne,  Harvey Fields and Ivan Slade. When I have some spare time I will contact all the ex-research officers who I can find to pin down their own dates and any others that they can specify.

This is not a high priority, more important is some correspondence with the journals which published Bartley’s papers to get permission to reprint his major articles in a collection.


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  1. Michael Kennedy says:

    All I can offer you is that Dr Leweski used to mark my logic papers in 1954 and my scientific method papers in 1955. He later became professor of philosophy at Manchester University. I didn’t meet him at either the LSE or Manchester. I imagine he preceded Joseph Agassi as Popper’s research assistant.

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