Bartley/Hayek paper published

Rob Leeson from WA has been working in the Popper, Bartley and Hayek archives for some years and he invited me to contribute to his latest collection of papers in the project.  Last  night he was in touch to say that the book has been published.  Jeremy Shearmur and Stephen Kresge contributed papers and I am not familiar with the other  authors (and I don’t have a list).

This is the paper, apart from some minor changes in press.

It is a bit on the long side: practically everything I read these days is too long, even my own articles:)

One of the key points is the idea that irrationalism, prejudices and fanaticism are promoted or at least sustained by “foundationalist” or “justificationist” thinking. And two of the major contributors to that mode of thought are academic philosophy and all the “true belief” religions.

PS Don’t forget the Popular Popper series. I hope that the guides are the kind of thing that Popperians can recommend to friends who don’t have the time or the degree of interest required to read Popper’s books in the original.

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