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Thanks to Bruce Caithness, a site we should know about, run by Antoni Diller, a longtime promoter of non-justificationism.

This should have been on the list of CR Resources years ago, how come nobody told me?

What a shame that the Popper Web was not updated on a regular basis to provide a focal point for people interested in new work by Popperians. It was recently updated when Ray published his own book, and my site has been added but the CR blog is not listed. Come on Ray, how about playing a team game?

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  1. N says:

    Rafe, longtime reader of your blog and grad student in philosophy of science and epistemology. Just wanted to relay a very funny (in a bad way) review of Darrell Rowbottom’s book on Popper (Metascience (2013) 22:165–168). Donald Gillies passed it on to me and I’m passing it on to you. The first paragraph says it all:

    “Popper’s ideas are neglected in the current debates in the philosophy of science, and there is a good reason for this; rather simplistic (when compared with Kuhn’s,
    Lakatos’s or Feyerabend’s, not to mention Reichenbach’s or Carnap’s), Popper’s
    views have not passed the test of time.”


  2. Rafe says:

    Thanks for that piece of information:)

    Hard to know whether to laugh or cry!

    I presume there is no link to the journal on line, or you would have provided it. Probably a gated site that academics can access.

  3. N says:


    The article is available here, but you’re probably right if you can’t read it. The rest of the article is uneventful so you’re not missing out.


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