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Critical preference is critical!

On my revisiting “Realism and the Aim of Science: from the Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery” (1983), written around 1951-56, it is apparent that the concept of critical preference is emphasized. In considering falsifiability and falsification in isolation … Continue reading

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Richard Feynman channels Popper

Feynman’s account of the procedure for looking for a scientific law: Guess, compute the consequences of the guess, check if they agree with the evidence and if the evidence persistently refuses to agree, the guess (hypothesis) is wrong. Science is about … Continue reading

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A rejoinder to Karl-Otto Apel, a supporter of Habermas

Habermas is probably the last high-profile member of the Frankfurt School of German Marxists. Google up Frankfurt School for more information, other key players were Horkheimer, Adorno and Marcuse. These were big names in decades past but the world has … Continue reading

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Francis Crick on the critical method in scientific research

This book makes interesting reading in parallel with Popper’s introductory lectures on the philosophy of science. Jim Watson’s  book The Double Helix demonstrated how  Watson and his colleague Francis Crick engaged in Popperian “conjecture and refutation”;  here Crick did even … Continue reading

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