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Fallibility and Rationality

Despite denying the existence of justification and stressing our pervasive fallibility, critical rationalists are actually epistemological optimists. That is, we believe that progress is not only possible but actually the norm. While error is ubiquitous, most of our attempts to … Continue reading

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Does criticism need to be valid?

From Josh: Critical Rationalism from how I understand it supposes that justificationsim is merely assumed and can’t justify itself–therefore is irrational. I agree with this presumption; justificationism lead me to a path of skepticism. Critical Rationalism assumes fallibilism or falsificationism … Continue reading

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Ernst Gombrich applies Situational Analysis in architecture, art and fashion

This is a long paper that Gombrich contributed to the Schilpp volume for Popper.

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What do do about academic philosophy and the true belief religions?

The paper on Bartley’s contribution to Hayek’s last book has been revised and has gone off to join a collection of papers about Hayek. The aim of this paper is to introduce the idea of the authoritarian framework of western thought, to … Continue reading

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