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Jeffrey C Alexander and the logic of sociological research

Jeffrey C Alexander is a leading sociologist in theUS, an ambitious and industrious scholar who set out to make a serious mark in the business. He wrote a four-volume opus early in his career to lay the foundations for more … Continue reading

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Standard misrepresentations and invalid criticisms of Popperism

1. The falsifiability criterion is about meaning. 2. Failure to draw the distinction between falsifiability (a matter of logic and the form of statements) and falsification (a practical matter). 3. Scientists don’t practice falsification.

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Giddens on Popper and positivism

Giddens on the postpositivistic philosophy of science in Bottomore and Nisbet (eds) A History of Sociological Analysis, Basic Books, 1978. In the Questia library. After a lengthy account of the progress of positivism in the philosophy of science from theVienna Circleof … Continue reading

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