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Objective and Objectivist Dogmas

Critical rationalism is sometimes mistaken to be little more than a call to be critical. Some object that advocacy of the critical attitude is hardly unique to critical rationalism; every first year philosophy student is instructed to be critical of … Continue reading

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New CR site to watch!

Thanks for the feed from Daniel Barnes who said to read a great article here. It  is the site of our new contributor ‘d’. Welcome to the party d! Keep an eye on this site!! Good to have the disgusting … Continue reading

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See the Problem?

I wrote this as a quick comment on d’s blog, but then the post disappeared for some reason. Anyway, I thought I’d share here.

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Does Science Presuppose the Existence of Regularity in Nature?

A popular criticism of Popper’s scientific method is that he “smuggled induction in through the back door.” Contrary to claims of having done away with it altogether, Popper’s proposed method of science actually presupposes induction. Therefore, critics argue, Popper failed … Continue reading

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Michael Williams on Popper

Michael Williams Problems of Knowledge: A Critical Introduction to Epistemology, Oxford Uni Press, 2001. At Amazon. Ernest Sosa, of Brown University, writes A masterly introduction to epistemology and an original contribution, this book succeeds on both levels. Those who know … Continue reading

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Critical Rationalism vs. Inductive and Subjective Interpretations of Probability

So I am trying to understand the critical rationalist arguments against the inductive and subjective interpretations of probability. I am not all that familiar with the matter, and so I have likely made some elementary mistakes — feedback is appreciated. … Continue reading

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