New History of Philosophy: Witt rules!

Xmas bookshopping, found the fourth volume of Sir Anthony Kenny’s history of western philosophy dealing with modern times, starting with Bentham to Neitzsche, then Pierce to Strawson, then Freud to Derrida, Logic, Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics, God.

Popper gets a sentence in the section on Logical Positivism (in the Logic chapter) before two or three pages on Wittgenstein. (Witt gets space in Metaphysics as well, in fact the index shows between 30 and 40 pages for Witt spread over several chapters).

The reference in Logic reads something like “The most enduring legacy of the logical positivists is probably Logik der Forschung by Karl Popper who was not actually a member of the Circle”. But no hint about the contents or the differences with the Circle.

Kenny is apparently a scholar of theology and Wittgenstein. You would never have guessed:)

In the Politics chapter there are a couple of good paras on The Open Society.

Nothing in the chapters on epistemology, mind or metaphysics.

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