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More CR resources on line

Roger James Return to Reason Summary of Bartley’s paper A Popperian Harvest   Simkin Book Part I  Simkin Book Part II 

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Howson on Deutsch

In Chapter 7 of his book The Fabric of Reality, David Deutsch has a dialogue in which he discusses critical rationalism with a crypto-inductivist, a philosopher who thinks there is an induction shaped hole in his worldview although he agrees … Continue reading

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Utopianism, Libertarianism and Other Political Theories

In Chapter 9 of Volume 1 of The Open Society and Its Enemies, Popper argues against utopianism. I have heard many people say that libertarianism is utopian. For example, in this series of videos the speaker often states or implies … Continue reading

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New History of Philosophy: Witt rules!

Xmas bookshopping, found the fourth volume of Sir Anthony Kenny’s history of western philosophy dealing with modern times, starting with Bentham to Neitzsche, then Pierce to Strawson, then Freud to Derrida, Logic, Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics, … Continue reading

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10 Dec Roundup

Interesting stuff on line this week (may not all be new, can be things that I just found this week).

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Jarvie and Agassi papers

Some more  helpful resources, Joe Agassi on “institutional individualism” possibly the best take on Popper’s methodological individualism, modified to take full account of the role of institutions. Warning, this is a very big file! A recent paper by Agassi and … Continue reading

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Deborah Redman on Popper

An article by Deborah Redman in the Journal of Economic Issues, 1994. “Karl Popper’s Theory of Science and Econometrics: The Rise and Decline of Social Engineering”. Have not had time to read this yet, will look forward to that tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Roundup of interesting stuff on line

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