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David Deutsch on Respect for Right and Wrong

From the Taking Children Seriously email list (now located here) Someone wrote on 17/1/01 7:10 pm: Earlier I wrote asking about the TCS understanding of the word coercion.I appreciate all the comments that came back and I think I have … Continue reading

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You Tube 1

I have made some You Tube videos on critical rationalism, probability and logic.

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Popper on epistemological naturalism

This is a quote from Popper in Logic of Scientific Discovery, Section 10: This view, according to which methodology is an empirical science in its turn—a study of the actual behaviour of scientists, or of the actual procedure of ‘science’—may be described … Continue reading

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Essentialism vs freedom

Michael Sandel gives an interesting TED Talk on democracy, saying that we should talk more about the deep moral convictions people have to raise the level of debate in democracy. This may be a good idea, but unfortunately his argument … Continue reading

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