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Popper and economics

The Popperian legacy in economics was the theme of a conference in Amsterdam  in 1985. The editor of the proceedings, de Marchi, noted that most of the time was spent (without a conclusion) on the need for a better demarcation criterion. … Continue reading

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Proportional Representation and the Open Society

In The Open Society and Its Enemies, Karl Popper criticised the idea that political philosophy should be about the question of who should rule. Any person or group is fallible, so the question “Who should rule?” begs for a false … Continue reading

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Review: Beyond Wittgenstein’s Poker by Peter Munz

I think it can safely be said that Popper and Wittgenstein didn’t like each other much and that their dedicated followers have not shown much interest in overcoming this dislike. Peter Munz makes an attempt to heal this breach in … Continue reading

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Problems with Popper scholarship: Dan Hausman

Daniel Hausman The Inexact and Separate Science of Economics (1992) In this book Hausman defends the old-fashioned view that economics proceeds by deducing the consequences of  “apriori” axioms in particular situations. (This could be called Situational Analysis). The axioms are “inexact”, … Continue reading

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