For the record – the blogs Oysterium, Catallaxy and Club Troppo.

A few years ago I joined a group of economists on a blog  called Oysterium. We never met, it was all done in cyberspace and then after a year or two the other contributors faded away (nobody ever said why) and I was left as the sole active contributor until I faded away as well, to a couple of other blogs.

This is the list of my posts on Oysterium.

Most of my blogging was on Catallaxy. Most if not all of the archives were lost in a server crash, though my son has retrieved many of my posts they are not in a form that I can put on line at present. 

So the following links indicate the contents of each post but the links to individual posts are dead. This is the list of posts for 04-05, for  2006, and  for 2007 .

The list for 2009 and 201o is yet to be collated.

This is the record for Club Troppo. Because I dropped off the list of contribors for a time, the name of another contributor was assigned to my posts, so they appear with the name Tony Harris!

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