Best Survives Criticism

David Deutsch wrote:

He chose ‘two years’ because it survived this criticism best of all the propositions he chose.

What does this mean? How can a theory partially survive criticism?

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3 Responses to Best Survives Criticism

  1. Alan Forrester says:

    Presumably it means something like: there may be other statements we could make that would be more specific and interesting, but we haven’t made them yet.

  2. Elliot says:

    Isn’t that a description of “not the final truth”?

    *Best* survives criticism is a comparison to other theories that also survived criticism, but somehow not as well.

  3. Brian Scurfield says:

    If a theory is criticized and partially survives, does the criticism also partially survive? Can both a theory and criticism of the theory partially survive? Does one partially survive in inverse proportion to the other?

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