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Hoppe vs Popper again

From Hoppe’s commentary on a paper by Radnitzky in Values and the Social Order: Vol 1 Values and Society Eds Radnitzky and Bouillon, Averbury 1995. Unfortunately, in line with his Popperian – falsificationist – methodology, Radnitzky weakens, or even defeats, … Continue reading

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Another CR site and a blog as well!

This is the blog of Tony Lloyd. One of my very  helpful email friends picked up a paper on CR that he wrote in a journal and now we are in touch. He did philosophy years ago but pursued a … Continue reading

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Problems with Popper’s Rationality Principle

The bottom line of this argument (yet to be composed) is that the problems with Popper’s RP in the context of his Situational Analysis (SA) can be resolved quite easily, if: 1. We accept that plans and intentions count as … Continue reading

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Great site!

A heads up for a wonderful CR-related site. Congratulations Joe!

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Magee on Popper

Some parts of Bryan Magee’s memoire, Confessions of a Philosopher, reviewed here. Magee read history and philosophy at Oxford and Yale, then in 1956 he moved to London and into radio and TV. He became the anchor of the leading British … Continue reading

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Scientific realism debate

There is currently a raging debate among philosophers of science about “scientific realism” – this is the idea that current scientific theories more or less accurately describe the world. Some philosophers say they do; some say they don’t. The date … Continue reading

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Best Survives Criticism

David Deutsch wrote: He chose ‘two years’ because it survived this criticism best of all the propositions he chose. What does this mean? How can a theory partially survive criticism?

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E. H. Gombrich on perception

Even our natural view of the world is theoretical … From Art and Illusion by E. H. Gombrich: Just as a tune remains the same whatever the key it is played in, so we respond to light intervals, to what … Continue reading

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Comments on Mises and Gordon on Popper

Rafe wrote: In a nutshell, Popper shifted the focus from the justification of beliefs to the formation of critical preferences for publicly articulated (objective) theories. Care to offer a defense of critical preferences from my criticism? Context Criticism

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Mises and Gordon on Popper

Mises and Popper had a lot of ideas in common, especially classical liberalism, and they were both founding members of the Mont Pelerin Society but they also had some differences and these prevented them from forming a strong partnership. One … Continue reading

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